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Dreams vs. Reality

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

As a little girl, One sets off in life with Her lit-up wheeled trolley full of dreams, best friend in hand, trusting God will show Her the way.

Then Life happens.

Love becomes uncertainty instead of raison d’etre.

Trust becomes commodity instead of existence.

Confidence gets squashed. You do it to Yourself and others are happy to lend you a hand with it.

Dreaming is seemingly for the losers who can’t face Real Life.

You try hard to fit ancestral boxes everyone else seems to do well in.

You don’t know any better let alone feel worthy of anything else.

One day, however, You realise You’re done building that seemingly picture perfect life that others commend you on.

The Higher Powers decide You ARE READY and deal You that one winning hand to make you realise You’ve done enough and YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Time to take stock. You finally start trusting yourself and take that leap of faith into the unknown as it’s yours to make known!

Own your truth, own Your Identity! (Right)

Coming out of the woods, the sun is shining in the background and the other side is no longer as dark as You thought it would be. Keep going!

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