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I have long aspired to be a therapist; as a teenager this was an ambition I voiced despite it falling outside of the more typical ideals young girls dream of.


However, due to the societal and cultural preconceptions about this line of work at that time in Romania (my country of origin), I put my dream on hold. I instead pursued a Management and Marketing degree and worked in an array of industries, from hospitality and architecture, to pharma. This and other life events took me to Belgium, the U.S.A. and, finally, the U.K. I have gathered first hand experience with cultural appropriation gained through working in diverse international organisations and living in countries where some of the local culture and society values were similar to the ones I grew up with, while others were completely different and I struggled with my personal identity.


I believe that I have never been truly deterred from my dream of becoming a therapist. I enter this profession with a wealth of life events, challenges and emotional experiences to draw on and be informed by, more certain of my calling than ever.


My life path has served in cultivating the much needed level of empathy, presence and ability to really sit with my clients in their deepest moments, when nobody else outside the therapy room might be.


My aim is to create a harmonious and safe environment where my clients can be themselves without fear of being judged. I strive to create trusting relationships that invite authenticity and provide a nurturing environment.


This way, I support clients find their own path to move forward with life.

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